Work done for good deeds will never be fail, but it will take time accord to the deeds. Even if it is delayed, It will be rewarded time and after. For any type of work done by Brahmins it is not his responsibility to get rewards, But they will guide and so you the path for which you will be rewarded by the god. Follow As per the Brahmin completely and you will definitely be rewarded. These subject is only for the person who keeps full faith.

Jyotish is not a black magic. Jyoti + Ish=Jyotish, Ish Means Prakash, Jyoti is coming from the god. From Jyotish you will know about your future about your problems and acan solve the problems before facing it. These subject is from sanatan religion and is a better system. These system is forceable on each and every human being whether hr or she is from any community of caste.

If any person suffering from any trouble or any kind of diseases, which consists of three levels.

1)Prarubdh- 1st Level (2) Tivra Prarubdh – 2nd level (3) Taar Tivra Prarubdh – 3rd Level

1)Prarubdh :- If any problem of suffering if any meditation alom any good deeds, Pray, Fast Etc. By Doig So, Pain Sorrow are reduce.

2)Tivra Prarubdh:- If any problem or suffering if any meditation plan or good deeds are of no use, It is meaningless. But if any Special deeds or if the solution/Brahma Gyani – Yogi. Saint, Holy Person, If the Blessing Of these Person are in your favour your problems are solved.

3) Taar Tivra Prarubdh :- If any Problem or disease are in this stage if you are doing any good deeds or you came across any prophet, Or Saint even if you are sitting in the arm of the almight god: But still you have to go under all the sufferings.

But there is a solution if you suffer at the present stage by doing all good deeds but latterly on there is a blessing.

Seeing any problem or seeing the particular person you do not understand the real problem of this person, so try to do good things, result is to receive blessing in the  hand of god. How to give? When to give or not to give?

But trying is never in vain. If any work done by us it is rewarded i three levels, So therefor before doing anything remember. This type of system is not for any negative or for positive. But it is natural system. May be of any community, Caste, It is for one and all. Never Blame Any Person But Keep on trying, Doing Good and Have Confidence and Faith.