When a person’s horoscope has manglik yog, he is very intelligent, brilliant, lively and full of energy. But if a person has manglik yog in an unfortunate place in the horoscope, he may be short tempered, destructive, cruel and has an atrocious behavior. These people prove very harmful for the society. This is the reason why all parents should show the horoscope of their children and consult us.

At the time of marriage, horoscopes should be matched and manglik dosha should be checked. In any horoscope, mangal is of 48 types in good or bad situations. And amngal dosha is of 20 types. The severe mangal dosha makes family life very lethal for about 70 % cases. Either manglik girl is harmful for a boy or a manglik boy proves to be harmful for the girl. That is why before marriage, one should show the horoscope and clear the settle the manglik dosha and all the good and bad effects should be studied and should be settled with a solution so that one may lead a peaceful life.  If the boy and the girl both are manglik and the mangal is in a good position in their horoscope, the life they will lead will be peaceful and is like heaven.

In the horoscopes of the boy and the girl, bad doshas and bad dasha and bad yog should be taken care of.

  • Kamaturta yoga, 2. Love marriage yoga 3. Marriage yoga 4. Divorce yoga 5. Multiple marriages yoga 6. Kendradhipati dosha 7. Jupiter and Saturn influence Markesh yog 9. Manglik yog 10. Infertility yog 11. Widow yog 12. Poverty yog 13. Kalsarp yog 14. Sanyas yog  like these, there are many hidden and uninfluential yog which are very essential to see in the horoscope when it is shown for matching with the would be spouse. If these yoga re there and 36 gun match, the marriage should not be done.

If marriage is getting delayed or marriage breaks again and again, or there are problems due to manglik or finding groom or bride of one’s own choice. For marriage we perform special anushthan. And we specially take care and settle the manglik feature present in the horoscope.

You can show your horoscope and get our advice and benefits and make your life peaceful, healthy, happy and prosperous.

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