Jyoti + ish = jyotish the divine light that comes out of the Supreme power who himself is a light source is called Jyotish.

With the help of time calendar, to know about the future of the result of dharma, work enlightenment and to get rid of sufferings, Sanatan dharma plays beautiful role.

Every person who has taken birth on this earth gets affected with the astrological stars with either positive or negative effects. His caste creed doesn’t matter.

  • Physical, mental, and financial ways of remembering God and the good deeds done by our rishi munis is known as karmakand. The one who does all the work with whole dedication and does everything in the benefit of others performs karmakand. And to acquire happiness, peace and prosperity is karmakand.
  • Through karmakand, any sort of inauspicious stars in your horoscope can be settled. Through chanting, reading, devoting and performing havan in the name of spiritual powers, you too can settle and make peace in your life by showing your horoscope. Also if you want to acquire anything specific, we perform rituals regarding it. Also all types of home coming ceremonies, havan, chanting etc. can be performed for which contact us.

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