Jyoti + ish = jyotish the divine light that comes out of the Supreme power who himself is a light source is called Jyotish.

With the help of time calendar, to know about the future of the result of dharma, work enlightenment and to get rid of sufferings, Sanatan dharma plays beautiful role.

Every person who has taken birth on this earth gets affected with the astrological stars with either positive or negative effects. His caste creed doesn’t matter.

According to astrology, the position of the stars depicts about auspicious and inauspicious things that we come in contact with in our lives. For which, with the help of mathematics, the astrologers have to calculate the effects of the planets and stars in our horoscope.

Otherwise with the help of panchang or naavik panchang this information can be extracted.

The position of stars and planets is changing each moment. That is why there is impact of these stars in our own zodiac affiliated planet on the events that happen in each second. To know the exact position of the stars you will have to refer the mathematics astrologer. They act as a scientific basis for the astrology study.

By X-Ray we get to know about any problems or diseases in our bodies. We can only see and know what problem exists; we cannot treat them with X-Rays. The same way, we get to know about our lives by our horoscopes, also our future, good things and bad things. So that at any particular time we can perform our work by seeing our auspicious and inauspicious timings. In all the fields, our success depends on our horoscopes.  In all the work and duties and In the time of distress one should refer the horoscope.

Astrology study is of various types. For e.g. phalit astrology, numerology, gemology, medical astrology, business astrology and many more. You too can accomplish your goals and lead a peaceful life by showing your horoscope to us.

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