Jyoti + ish = jyotish the divine light that comes out of the Supreme power who himself is a light source is called Jyotish.

With the help of time calendar, to know about the future of the result of dharma, work enlightenment and to get rid of sufferings, Sanatan dharma plays beautiful role.

Every person who has taken birth on this earth gets affected with the astrological stars with either positive or negative effects. His caste creed doesn’t matter.

Question astrology is a branch of astrology in which you can get to know of your work instincts. If any event will take place or not, question astrology comes into play.

In question astrology, each bhav and each zodiac has its own importance. In question horoscope, a lot of emphasis is given to the questions. That is, how to decide the time of questioning is of utmost importance.

Answers to many questions is difficult to give through horoscopes, whereas it is easy to locate answers in the question horoscope.

In a case you will win or not, if a sick person will be fit or not, someone who has left home will come back or not. Not only this, but it can also predict whether you will get back the things you have lost. And much more.

When the question horoscope will be made, you mus be present in front of us so that we can guide you according to the present date, present time and present place.


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