Before fixing marriage, most of the families take guidance and advice of an astrologer by showing the boy’s and the girl’s horoscope to him. According to Vedic practice, matching the horoscopes before marriages is done on a scientific basis. In this, both the horoscopes are observed and according to the position of the moon in both, points are given in all the aspects of a horoscope.  All these varn are 8 in number. These are named as 1. Varn 2. Vashya 3. Tara 4. Yoni 5. Grih maitri 6. Gan 7. Bhakut 8. Naadi

All thesea bove varnas have their own importance individually. When all these points are added, they add to become 36 gun. According to astrology, if the addition comes to be less than 18 then the match is not suitable.

We are providing you a jyotish chart according to which you can match the kundalis of both the girla dn the boy.

When a man and a woman enter their married life they have some dreams. But stars in the horoscopes ditch and there is no peace in family life.

Husband and wife don’t even understand what exactly the problem between them is and their dreams are crashed.

There is a lot of influence of the stars when it comes to the married life. According to astrology, the central place is marriage and the spouse’s house. Due to some wrong positioning of stars in the house, either marriage is delayed or the married life is not peaceful.

Match making of the horoscopes of the boy and the girl should not be ignored. Matching horoscopes should not be confined to gun, because sometimes even if 36 gun are matching, then too marriage has been prohibited.

  • In the horoscope of the girl and the boy, some kind of inauspicious gestures, inauspicious conditions, inauspicious yog have to be taken care of and to match the horoscopes is very important.
  • Kamaturta yog 2. Love marriage yog 3. Marriage yog 4. Divorce yog 5. Many marriages yog 6. Kendradhipati yog 7. Effects of guru-shukra 8. Markesh youg 9. Manglik yog 10. Infertility yog 11. Widow yog 12. Poverty yog 13. Kalsarp yog 14. Sanyas yog like this there are many yog  that are not auspicious at all. All these are important to see in the horoscope. If such yog are there and 36 gun are matching, then the marriage should not be done.
  • You can get guidance by showing your horoscope to us. And can get health, happiness, peace, abundance and accomplishment.

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