Girl and the boy should understand each other if they are going to do a love marriage. Understanding each other’s nature, hobbies, interest through astrology is very important. Bride and groom who do love marriage are very much involved emotionally and fondness.  Due to these emotions, people ignore the importance of horoscopes and suffer bad results. After the couple marries, the situation sometimes changes completely. In these conditions, the decision of doing a love marriage proves to be wrong. Let’s see what yog in the horoscopes lead to love marriage and troubles.

  • The horoscopes of both the lovers should not be ignored. Also matching of horoscopes is not limited to the gun. Many times even if 36 gun are matching still the marriage is said to be prohibited. In the horoscopes of the girl and the boy, inauspicious bhav, inauspicious dasha and inauspicious yog should be taken care of.
  • Kamaturta yoga, 2. Love marriage yoga 3. Marriage yoga 4. Divorce yoga 5. Multiple marriages yoga 6. Kendradhipati dosha 7. Jupiter and Saturn influence Markesh yog 9. Manglik yog 10. Infertility yog 11. Widow yog 12. Poverty yog 13. Kalsarp yog 14. Sanyas yog  like these, there are many hidden and uninfluential yog which are very essential to see in the horoscope when it is shown for matching with the would be spouse. If these yoga re there and 36 gun match, the marriage should not be done.
  • You can show the horoscopes of the girl and the boy to us and we will tell you whether they match or not. Bring yourself happiness, peace, prosperity and accomplishment.
  • If there are any problems in the love marriage, we can perform spiritual rituals to settle them


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