Jyoti + ish = jyotish the divine light that comes out of the Supreme power who himself is a light source is called Jyotish.

With the help of time calendar, to know about the future of the result of dharma, work enlightenment and to get rid of sufferings, Sanatan dharma plays beautiful role.

Every person who has taken birth on this earth gets affected with the astrological stars with either positive or negative effects. His caste creed doesn’t matter.

Some 2 people have kalsarp yog. Kalsarp yog is of 12 types. Kalsarp yog is also considered to be pitra dosha. Kalsarp yog is considered to be in the horoscope of people based on their past birth bad deeds in the form of curse. This kind of a person always suffers from either physical, mental, financial, emotional or spiritual means. His married life and his relation with children is always under grim. All these doshas can be cured with the kalsarp yog astrology.

You too can show your horoscope and be guided by us and stay free of anxiety and all your problems.

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