Jyoti + ish = jyotish the divine light that comes out of the Supreme power who himself is a light source is called Jyotish.

With the help of time calendar, to know about the future of the result of dharma, work enlightenment and to get rid of sufferings, Sanatan dharma plays beautiful role.

Every person who has taken birth on this earth gets affected with the astrological stars with either positive or negative effects. His caste creed doesn’t matter.

Gems have a magical energy in them to make stars strong if they go weak and act adversely on an individual. Let’s see how to increase influence of education, health, business, happiness, prosperity, luck, money with the help of gems.

Gems have a powerful energy. If gems can take a person to heights of the sky then it has an equal capacity to throw him from that same sky to the ground. To stay away from the negative effects of the gems, they should be checked properly by a gemologist and then only they should be worn. According to the condition and placement of the stars should one wear these gems. While wearing the gems, one should take care of his dasha, antardasha. The weight of the gems matter a lot too. If the weight of the gem is not correct, you may not get the required results.

  • These days people are mistaken that gem should be in triangle shape, also one should wear gem affiliated to a particular zodiac sign etc. All these things are myths. Wearing gems without thinking can cause harm even if they are triangular in shape or affiliated to zodiac sign. That is why you can show us your horoscope and find out which gem is suitable for you which brings you happiness, health, peace, prosperity and abundance.

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