In our Sanatan dharma, the most important learning is the knowledge of touch. The foreign scientists practiced this touch therapy and made it famous under the name of Reiki therapy. This is a beautiful way to get rid of physical or mental problems. Without any medication or operation, one can get of his ailments and disease. In Reiki therapy, energy from the supreme is taken in spiritual form to remove all the ailments of a patient. Through Reiki, even Kundalini Chakra is activated. From our body’s aura, all the negative energy is converted into positive

Though Reiki, students can be make exceptionally intelligent, healthy by giving energy in the ir mind and heart.

All men-women and people of all caste and creed can benefit from Reiki.

Especially if Reiki is given to a pregnant woman, it is beneficial for both the mother and the fetus inside her womb.

If you too are suffering from any problem and want to get rid of it, then contact us. By receiving energy from Reiki Therapy, you can be benefitted.

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