Whenever in any person suffers from any disease,

1. Aadivyadi   2. Physical and mental   3. Vat, Pitt, Cuff   4. Aahar, Vihar and Aachar

  • Aadi: the disease or problems that we acquire due to our bad deeds done in our past birth. This is called Aadi. Like mental disease by which our mind and soul gets disturbed.
  • Vyadi:the diseases which are a result of all the bad deeds and wrong thinking done in the past birth is known as Vyadi. For e.g. Physical diseases (paralysis, TB etc.)
  • Vaat, Pitt and Cuff: in our body, due to the influence of receptive mode, action mode and inertia
    mode our Vaat, Pitt and cuff gets disturbed and we suffer from many kinds of mental disorders.
  • Every human should take care of these things in life. A healthy life, happy life and respectful life
    is the basis of an accomplished life.

The intelligent people who want to lead a happy life in this world use SiddhSanjeevani Shakti Sudarshan
for their better lives. And follow it religiously.

This SiddhSanjeevani Shakti SudarshanJalis one of the best spiritual healer. This is derived from a
special spiritual method. This should be taken as God’s pure Prasad. (When medication doesn’t work,
prayers and blessings work)

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